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Class Descriptions
Preschool Combination: This class is designed for children 3-5 years old. It is a first step into the world of dance. The class is divided into 3 twenty minutes segments of tap, ballet and creative movement. Because children learn by repetition the class structure will remain the same for the entire year so each dancer becomes familiar with movement through repeated exercises. Creative movement time will vary by week and allow dancers to refine gross motor skills thru props and fun activities.

Primary Split Level Classes: These classes are designed for dancers ages 5-7. The split class allows the dancer to explore 2 different styles of dance while beginning to understand the basic technique behind movement. Designed for the novice dancer, our split classes focus on fundamentals in a fun and structured atmosphere.

Primary Level classes (ages 6-9): At the Primary level students now take full hour subjects. This is to allow focus on technical training and fully grasping concepts of each individual dance form. Multiple subjects may be studied and dancers are now beginning formal technical training.  

Intermediate Level Classes:  At the Intermediate level dancers have achieved basic fundamental technical training and are beginning to hone their craft. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement and alignment and increased skill level in all subjects of study. This level is by faculty placement only.
Advanced Level Classes The advanced level student has attained a high standard of technical training. These classes stress flexibility, technical excellence and versatility. Multiple subjects are studied and mastered. This level is by faculty placement only. 

Pointe: Pointe is an extension of the ballet class. Pointe is by invitation only once our staff has determined a dancer has the physical and technical requirements to be a successful pointe dancer. All dancers must be evaluated by our staff even if they have had previous pointe or pre-pointe experience before entering pointe class. 

Teen Combination: This class is designed for the experienced teen dancer that want a challenging class while being able to pursue other extra-curricular activities. The class format is: 30 minutes stretch and conditioning, 39 minutes center/across the floor technique and 30 minutes combination (alternating jazz and contemporary). This class will perform 2 pieces in our recital, both a jazz and contemporary piece. 

Musical Theatre: Movement for the musical theatre performer. With emphasis on performance skills and basic stage movement

Tricks, Leaps and Turns: Great for the juniors high or high school student interested in trying out for cheerleading or poms. Focuses on tryout skills and basic turns and leaps for a successful audition.  

Pageant Prep: A great class for girls starting out in the pageant world or those looking to refine their pageant prowess. Focus on posture, walking, speaking and talent.

Mommy & Me (18mos. – 2 ½ years): This class is designed as an introduction to a structured environment for toddlers and a caregiver. The class works large motor skills is a fun-filled loving environment. Singing, clapping and moving are natural to toddlers and this class lets them explore the world of movement and music with others their age.  

Hip Hop: Street styles are constantly changing and evolving in the world of dance. This class will introduce students to the basic skills of hip hop and break dancing in a fun and structured atmosphere.

Pom Pons:  Dancing and performing is fun!  Join our poms group to learn fun routines, increase flexibility, learn leaps and turns as well as a couple area performances.  More details to come.


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