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Fusion Center for Dance Policies
Attire: All students are to wear the appropriate dance attire to all classes. If my student arrives to class WITHOUT the appropriate attire, I understand that my account will be billed for the purchase of the necessary attire so that they may attend class, beginning the first of October.

Observation: Parents, friends and family may observe their dancer’s class(es) through our viewing windows at any time. Siblings and friends, as well as dancers when not in class, must be accompanied by a parent at ALL times or a $10 babysitting fee per hour will be charged to your account.

Evaluations: Dance evaluations will be given out at the end of each season. The are completed by the instructor and reviewed by the dance director. This will give the parent an overview of your child’s progress and placement for the following season. It is imperative that students are taking the appropriate classes to maximize the learning opportunity for themselves and for the other students. Students may be moved throughout the year to the appropriate class as necessary.

Communication: Fusion Center for Dance is green! A monthly newsletter will be sent via email each month with important information. Please keep a current email address on file and if you are not receiving the newsletters, please check your spam folder and/or let us know.

Payments: Tuition payments are withdrawn from your on-file debit or credit card through an auto-pay system on the first of each month. If the card on file is declined for any reason, or if a card is not kept on file a $5.00 processing fee will be added to your account each month. Any tuition paid after the fifth of the month will incur a $25.00 late fee. Students with accounts over two months in arrears will be asked to leave classes until the billing issue is resolved.

Withdrawals: Withdrawals MUST fill out a form found at the front desk by the 25th of the month in order to NOT be charged tuition for the following month. No withdrawals will be accepted after April 1st. There are no refunds or credits for tuition, costumes or other fees already paid.

Absences: If your child is absent from class for more than one week, we ask that you let the studio know. You are welcome to make up any class in a class of your choice during the week at your convenience.

Tuition: The 2018/19 session is based on ten months (September to June). The number of weekly classes varies over that time but to simplify billing a flat monthly rate is charged. The studio will be closed for the following holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Memorial Weekend. No regular class the week of recital.

Bad weather: If the studio is going to be closed due to bad weather we will put an Announcement on local stations as well as our Facebook page. 

Recital: All dancers are welcome and encouraged to participate in Recital. Dancers participating in this year end celebration are required to purchase a costume for each class he/ she is participating in. Costume cost is $75 per costume/ class. It is mandatory for dancers to attend all rehearsals that coincide with the recital. If you do not notify us by October 1st that your child will not be in the recital, you are responsible for the cost of the costume and any other fees associated with recital whether your student performs or not. A $25 performance fee will also be charged to each dancer in the recital to cover the costs of chaperones and other fees associated with putting on the performance.


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