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Fusion Center for Dance Policies
• All students are required to wear appropriate dance attire to all classes (See attire).

• Hair is to be worn up and out of the way of your dancing. Ballet students are to 
  wear buns.

• Parents, friends, and family may observe their dancer’s class through our viewing 
  windows at any time. Siblings and friends observing must be accompanied by 
  a parent.

• Dance evaluations will be given out at the end of each session or at the end of the 
  year. This will give the parent an overview of your child’s progress and help with 
  placement the following season.

• Fusion Center for Dance is green! A monthly newsletter will be sent via email each 
  month and will also be posted on the studio web site.

• Tuition payments. Fusion Center for Dance uses an auto pay system for your 
  convenience. Your monthly tuition will be a direct withdrawal from your checking, 
  savings, or credit card account. Parents wishing to pay-in-full for the whole year 
  (before the first week of classes) will receive a 10% discount. The yearly fee is 
  based on 10 monthly payments. To be  eligible for the discount, full payment is due 
  at the time of registration or the first lesson. There are no refunds for full year 

  You MUST have a valid credit/debit card on file or you will be charged a monthly processing fee of $5.00.  Any payments made after the first of the month will also be charged an additional $5.00 late fee.

• Withdrawals MUST fill out a form found in the office by the 25th of the month in 
  order not to be charged for tuition the following month. No withdrawals will be 
  accepted after April 1st. There are no refunds or credits for tuition or costumes.

• If your child is going to be absent from class for more than one week, we ask that 
  you let the studio know.

• Bad weather- If the studio is going to be closed due to bad weather we will put an 
  announcement on local stations as well as our Facebook page. 

• Recital- All dancers are welcome and encouraged to participate in Recital. Dancers 
  participating in this year end celebration are required to purchase a costume for 
  each class he/ she is participating in. Costume cost is $75 per costume/ class. It is 
  mandatory for dancers to attend all rehearsals that coincide with the recital. 

• The studio will be closed for the following holidays: 
        Thanksgiving Break
        Christmas Break
        Spring Break
        Memorial Weekend
        No regular class the week of recital.


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