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Class Registration
Visit us in person or register on-line. We have a very flexible policy that allows you to register or put your class on-hold during soccer season, etc. (Recreational classes only.) Please note some classes may require a meeting with one of our instructors to insure proper placement.

At Fusion Center for Dance, we are dedicated to training technically proficient dancers. Our philosophy of training is to “teach it once and teach it correctly”. Our levels are designed to challenge student without giving them steps they are not yet physically and mentally able to perform. Repetition and specificity help students to truly process and own their technique so that it is ingrained in them and becomes part of their dancing consistently. We are dedicated to this method of training to ensure each dancer is properly trained for physical safety and technical knowledge. 

Payments for tuition, store purchases, costumes, etc will automatically be added to you account and paid on a monthly basis. So easy!



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