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According to Home Advisor’s Additions and Remodeling Cost Guides, vertical additions adding a second story are generally less expensive than horizontal additions expanding your square footage out into your property. This report lists an average addition cost that ranges from : $100 to $300 per square foot and up , to $500 per square foot. The higher number reflects higher quality materials and more complex project requirements. Please note that these numbers are not specific to the Chicago area. You may not have the ground support or foundation to take on this job, and thus it could be quite expensive to construct a new foundation as well as the licenses that you’ll need to expand. In contrast, building up does not involve increasing the footprint of the home. However, this project may require a professional hand as there could be a necessity to strengthen the foundation in order to support the additional weight. Adding an extra room to your home can average anywhere between $95-$360 per square foot.second story sunroom costMany people are wary about telling their contractor their budget. They think, If I tell you my budget is $35,000, then you’ll make it cost that much. The existing deck needed to be removed and a new wooden framing put in its place. We poured new concrete for the base, and removed , some of the siding on """""""



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