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Vray Texture Pack V2 C4d Torrent Free seaste




The pack comes with hand selected texture packs for both 2D and 3D texturing for V-Ray, The for 2D materials are: Collision Surface, Collision Mesh, Textured, Wireframe and Rough Surface. The 3D textures are: Skel Mesh, Hair Bump, Glossy Skin, Transmap and Glass. The pack also comes with a selection of render nodes to create a wide variety of textures and materials for V-Ray. For photographers, it comes with the new V-Ray 3D Photometric Nodes, V-Ray 3D Lens flares, Normal Mapping Masks and V-Ray 3D Lens Flares. Also included are new V-Ray Shaders that are designed to replace the existing Material Shaders in V-Ray. V-Ray Cinema 4D Texture Pack Materials The new pack was created in collaboration with Realflow, the developers of V-Ray and the owners of the V-Ray Engine, which was originally developed by Softimage, then sold to Black Isle studios. Realflow’s expertise is in graphics development and their Texture Packs for V-Ray are some of the best available, and they always include updated shader graphs. We wanted to use some of that expertise in creating the new V-Ray texture packs. And we also wanted to create material sets that would be more sophisticated and user friendly than just a ‘standard’ set of textures. V-Ray is an advanced raytracer that works with all the image creation programs that use raytracing as an image effect. We first worked closely with Realflow to ensure we used the best quality materials that they had available to us, and we created the new materials using a unique process. We’ve included old and new shader graphs in this pack to show you how we created each material. You can download V-Ray 3D Cinema 4D Texture Pack 1 Materials here.




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Vray Texture Pack V2 C4d Torrent Free seaste

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