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Questions to Ask Before Your Child Starts Dance

Dance is a great activity for children of all ages. With benefits including structured physical activity, improved social skills, and increased creativity and body awareness, there are many reasons to put your child in dance lessons.

Is your child ready for dance class?


Many dance studios accept students as young as two or three years old. Before you put your child in dance classes, consider if they are really ready to enter the world of dance. Students should be ready to participate and listen to a teacher. They should have at least some control of their body and be able to follow instructions. At Fusion we require that students are potty-trained.


What can you expect at a dance class?


Each studio and type of dance lesson is different, but most follow the same basic routine. Most classes start with stretching and warm-ups to get the body moving. From there, students may practice certain movements and have instruction time on specific steps and techniques. They will then likely use those steps in a choreographed dance and work through the routine with music multiple times. At Fusion, you are welcome to observe a class or even try one for free before making a commitment.

What should they wear?

Simple clothes to minimize distractions and help the teachers see how the children are moving without bulky clothes in the way is best.  At Fusion our students are allowed to wear what they choose but we suggest tights, leotard, and the appropriate shoes for that genre.  Our ballet classes, Primary through Advanced, follow a dress code.  These are detailed in the class description.

What is the dance studio etiquette or routine?

Every studio has its own routines that keep things running smoothly. Before your child starts lessons, talk to the studio owner or other parents about what is expected. Some studios even have a parent handbook. Find out about the studio rules for parents and students, how early to get to lessons, the policy about missing lessons, when tuition is due, and any other questions you may have.  Click here to view Fusion Policies & Procedures.


Should you stay and watch?

Some studios allow and encourage parents to stay and watch the lessons, while other studios want to minimize distractions and ask parents to leave or stay in a certain waiting area. Unless your child is in a parent and tot class, stay off the dance floor and allow the teacher to do their job and take control of the class.  At Fusion, each class is linked to a Zoom session through the parent portal, so parents can view every class without distraction to the students.

How should you support your dancer outside of class?

Talk to your child about dance lessons before they start. Explain to them what will happen and the rules for the class. If possible, try to visit the studio or meet the teacher beforehand. Encourage your child to ask questions so that they feel comfortable during their first lessons. As they get more comfortable dancing, encourage them to show you what they’ve learned and practice their skills at home. Encourage your dancer to follow healthy habits, including getting lots of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating a balanced diet. At Fusion, we provide music and video links through the Parent Portal so that students can practice the recital dance at home if they like.

Dance lessons are a fun activity for children and taking the time to be prepared before classes begin can make the experience smoother for both parents and children. 

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