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What to Ask a Dance Studio Before Signing Up

Finding the right dance studio may seem overwhelming with so many excellent places to choose from, but with just a little research you can find the best fit for your little dancer. Whether your child has taken dance classes before or this is their first time, it is helpful to know the most important questions to ask when choosing a dance studio.

What Type of Dance Lessons Are Available?

Your child may dream of dancing classical ballet or they might be better suited for the free movement of hip-hop, but not all studios offer both. Before you register with a studio, make sure that they offer the type of dance your child is most interested in. If your child doesn’t know what style of dance to try, look for a studio that offers a variety of dance lessons for them to try. At Fusion, you are welcome to try a class for free before committing. 

How Many Students Are in Each Class?

The benefits of dance for children are undeniable. However, to make the most of the experience, you want your child to feel excited and engaged. Some children will feel more comfortable dancing next to a large group of their peers, while others thrive in smaller groups. Make sure to ask about class sizes to help you pick a studio where your child will receive the instruction that is best suited for them.


Smaller class sizes can provide more personal attention, but larger classes may challenge a child to go outside their comfort zone. The best size will depend on your child but talking to a dance studio about what they offer and why can help you make the decision. At Fusion our younger classes have a maximum of 15 students and if the class is over 8, an assistant is there to help the instructor.

When Are the Classes You’re Interested in Offered?

As much as you’d like your child to dance, they won’t be able to do so if the class schedule doesn’t align with your own. If you’ve found dance studios you’re interested in, take the time to check their website for their class schedule and compare it to your own. Make sure that you also make note of the class length and if you are allowed to observe.  Click here to see the Fusion class schedule for both the Benton Harbor and Coloma locations.


Are There Recitals or Competitions?


The vast majority of dance studios host an annual dance recital to showcase the hard work and talent of their students, while many others choose to participate in a dance competition instead. If the dance studio offers either, be sure that you are well informed about what that will entail.

Questions to ask may include the following:


-What are parent responsibilities for either?

-When do recitals take place?

-Are costumes included or do those require an additional fee?

-Is there an additional cost for participation in competitions?

At Fusion, you will receive a Recital Handbook that will detail your entire end-of-year recital experience.  Fusion is also home to a nationally recognized competition team for ages 4-18, and offers several other performing opportunities throughout the year.

What Are the Qualifications of the Studio and Experience of the Instructors?


If you would like your child to master the individual technique and artistry of a style of dance, it is very important that teachers have proper training and background. If you want your child to fall in love with dance, you want a teacher that is passionate about dance and good at leading children. Ask the studio about their curriculum along with the knowledge and experience of their instructors, but you may also ask what their focus is as a studio to help you as you choose the best dance lessons for your kids.


View our instructor bios.  The Fusion staff is a diverse group of highly qualified instructors in various dance forms.

What Class Should You Sign Your Child Up For?

As you look over the types of dance offered at the studio and the schedule of classes, make sure that you also double-check the age ranges for each. Studios will vary greatly on which type of dance lessons for kids are available for the different age groups. There are also multiple levels for different styles. You can take a look at the guidelines listed on their websites, but you can also speak to the studio directly to help you decide on the best class for your son or daughter.  At Fusion, you are always welcome to try a class for free before making a commitment.

How Much Does Do Classes Cost and What Additional Fees Are Required?

You know that you have to pay for the classes, but every studio differs in its rates and additional fees. Be careful that you ask for detailed information about cost including

  • Lesson Costs

  • Recital, Competition, or Performance Fees

  • Costume Costs

  • Cancellation Fees

  • Required Attire (Shoes, leotards, etc.)

 Click here to view pricing at Fusion and to review our policies and procedures.

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