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Recreational Classes

The recreational youth programs at Fusion include classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, and modern.  Classes perform at the studio’s year-end recital, the third weekend in June!


Fusion promotes the healthy growth of its students and encourages parents to support our efforts in doing so! Developing the passion, integrity, confidence, and strength of young dancers is our number one priority.


Preschool - Ages 3-5     

  • Tiny Tumblers - Acro style dance combines both classical dance techniques with rhythmic/artistic gymnastics elements. Using the Acrobatic Arts curriculum, our acro instructors will guide the class towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, and muscle control. This is a great class in addition for any dancer, tumbler, or gymnast wishing to further their tumbling skills while having fun! Our littlest tumblers work their way through the acro alphabet learning new fun skills each week.  This class will perform in the year-end recital in June.

  • Ballerina Princess Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement Combo - An introduction to the basics of ballet, tap, and creative movement that follows our Ballerina Princess curriculum.  Students will continue to enjoy expressing themselves through the art of dance in this fun and interactive class. This class is built on basic movement and is appropriate for the first-time dancer. At this level, students will learn challenging tap and ballet skills through imagination activities, movement games, and singing. Dancers will enjoy learning basic ballet and tap terminology along with fun and engaging games. Each month is a different theme with sticker charts and completion certificates. The class is 1 hour and will perform in the year-end recital in June. 

Ages 5-7  Combo Classes

At this age, trying new things can be lots of fun!  Our combination classes allow students to explore more than one style of dance.  Each class works on increasing their dance skills through stylized movement as well as fun games and the continued use of creative movement. 

  • Ballet/Tap – in this class students continue the skills they learned in Ballerina Princess class.

  • Tap/Jazz – this class allows students to explore both the sounds of tap and the funkiness of jazz dance. Great for kids who just can’t sit still.

  • Jazz/Lyric – this class focuses on class jazz movements and introduces the softness of lyric dance. This is a great class for kids who love to move to the music.

  • Ballet/Jazz – students will learn the classical steps of ballet and explore the new movements of jazz in this class.

  • Hip Hop/Acro – Hip hop dance is everywhere and it’s a lot of fun. Dancers will jump, spin and move to the beat in this class while also building foundational acro skills.

Ages 8 & up Primary through Advanced

Once students reach the age of 8, they are ready for a full hour of focus on one style of dance.  Fusion offers primary through advanced classes in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, and acro.  Placement is based on experience rather than age.  Most students will spend 2 years at each level as they improve their skills and learn new techniques.  Levels include Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  • Acro – This is a discipline focusing on strength, balance, agility, and muscle control. Dancers will learn a safe combination of gymnastics, acrobatics and basic tumbling. This class has a strong dance technique built into the curriculum. Much of the class will be spent on keeping bodies safe and working to improve range of motion of all joints. At Fusion, our certified instructors use the Acrobatic Arts curriculum.

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