• NEW WAIVERS - Please be sure to go on-line to the parent portal and re-sign the waivers and policies for the 2020/21 season.

    • CLASS SIZES - Class sizes have been reduced and will be strictly adhered to.Please reserve your space early.If you are a drop in or unlimited student, class attendance may be restricted if the class limit has been reached.The best way to ensure your spot is to register now.Registration for fall is now open on-line or contact frontdesk@fusioncenterfordance.com


    • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for class.If you are early, please wait in your car until the appropriate time.Class start times will be alternated slightly (schedule will be updated September 1st to reflect new start times). Students late to class must check in at the desk before entering their classroom.

    • All students should be dropped at the front entrance.Young students, not comfortable being dropped off, may have 1 parent escort them into the building.We are requesting then that parents wait outside during class time.Children will be checked in at the desk, given hand sanitizer and may be temperature checked (depending on CDC recommendations at the time).

    • Masks for all are required upon entry. Students may remove masks once in the classroom. See below for more mask information.

    • Upon arrival, students should come completely dressed for class with any shoes, water bottle, etc. in a dance bag that will go into the classroom with them.Dressing rooms will not be open at this time.

    • Observation rooms will not be open.Siblings and other family members are asked to wait outside.All classes will be available live via zoom.Links will be located in the parent portal for your child’s class.That way you can view their lessons at any time.


    • Students will be escorted from the lobby to class by their instructor.

    • Room floors will be marked off in 6-foot squares and with tape for lines to encourage as much social distancing as possible.

    • Bathroom visits will be limited to one student at a time.Please make sure to go before arriving for class if at all possible.

    • Classes will be Zoomed each week! Students not able to attend live classes are welcome to attend via zoom. Links will be located in the parent portal for your child’s class. Parents are also encouraged to view their student’s classes through zoom each week.


    • CLASSES WILL END 5 MINUTES EARLY. Students will collect all their items at this.

    • NEW as of Oct. 5th- Students under age 10 will be dropped off and picked up in the lobby.  It is getting too dark to allow them in the parking lot.  Parents please come in to pick them up.  Masks are required.  Students will exit the outside door closest to their studio. In Benton Harbor, both Studio A and B have an exterior door. Studio C will exit out the far front entrance of the building. Studio D will exit through the main entrance. In Coloma, students will exit out the studio door at the front of the building on the same side as the laundromat. Students with more than once class in a row, will exit the studio while it is being cleaned and sit in the lobby in a designated seating area marked to keep students at an appropriate social distance.

    • All classrooms will be cleaned between classes including, but not limited to wiping down bars, mats, etc. Floors will be washed each evening.The lobby and bathrooms will also be cleaned thoroughly each night.

  5. Other:

    • Restrooms will be limited to one person per stall at a time.

    • The snack barre will no longer serve dinner until further notice.Water, Gatorade, and packaged items will still be available.Staff will also be available to microwave student dinners, etc.

    • The water fountain will be closed until further notice.It will be available to refill water bottles.

    • As currently mandated by the governor, masks are required for all guests, parents, dancers and Fusion staff.Masks are optional in class for dancers and staff.There are mixed reviews on masks for children as well as wearing masks during athletic activities.We do ask that IF your child wears a mask during class, that they understand it should stay on at all times or be in their bag. Parents should tell the front desk if they prefer their student wear their mask during class time.

    • ZOOM! The show must go on!!!  We will dance each week during your student’s class time.  It may be in person or on-line, dependent on government regulations.  Regardless, classes will be zoomed every week for the foreseeable future.  Links can be found in your parent portal.  If your student cannot come to class in person for any reason, we encourage you to join in via zoom. This is also a great way for parents to observe their student’s lessons each week since our lobby is now restricted to essential personnel only.

We are excited for our 6th season at Fusion and can’t wait to see all of you again.  Miss Jenny, Miss Christine and the entire Fusion staff are working hard to keeping everyone safe as well as continuing to have classes. 


Please note that there may be changes to these policies throughout the year and new recommendations are put out by our government and health organizations.  Physical and social activity is such an important part of our lives and despite the challenges we are facing the SHOW WILL GO ON!  Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and support.

UPDATE September 22, 2020:

What happens if a child or staff member gets sick at the studio? All students and staff entering the studio receive a temperature check.  If they register with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, we will immediately contact parents and send the child home. When any child feels ill after classes have started, he/she will go to the front desk to be screened for symptoms. If symptoms align with COVID-19, or other symptoms that make it necessary for them to leave the studio, their parent/guardian or emergency contact will be called to pick them up. Students will sit in an isolated area, with their mask on, while they wait for pick up.



What happens if a child or staff member tests positive for COVID-19? Will we be notified?  In the case of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, we will coordinate with the Berrien County Health Department who will guide us in next steps.  We will notify the students and staff in the immediate classroom, as well as other as necessary.  Under law, we will not be able to give personal identification information of any person with COVID-19.  However a form letter will be sent for informational purposes, still protecting confidentiality.  

Last Updated 10/05/2020